March 15, 2015

On Friday March 13th, Jane was admitted to M D Anderson Hospital to battle a partial bowel obstruction.  If you recall, Jane had a similar type bowel obstruction in late December 2014 and it resolved itself over time.  This more recent partial obstruction, however, appears to be stubborn and causing significant abdominal pain, nausea, infection, etc. notwithstanding the best efforts of the medical care team.  On Monday March 16th, Jane will continue to receive a combination of pain meds & antibiotics and undergo a couple of hospital procedures in an attempt to relieve some of the abdominal pressure that is likely a contributing factor to the partial bowel obstruction.  Jane will most likely remain in the hospital for a few days and then we will know our path forward.  Please continue to pray for Jane, a successful outcome and speedy recovery.

Due to the nature of the hospital stay, we are requesting that Jane's family and friends respect her privacy and visit Jane at home when she is up to a more social, productive visit as she needs to stay focused on fighting hard.  We are so touched by all of the prayers, support and notes as it helps get us through the more difficult parts of the day.

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