Update...{May 12, 2014}

Jane met with her doctors at M D Anderson today, Monday May 12th.  Based on the doctors examination and test results and the symptoms that Jane is exhibiting (retention of fluid in abdomen, increased pelvic pain levels, etc.), it appears that Jane's cancer is not responding to the Gemzar chemotherapy drug.  The doctors have prescribed a new drug for Jane, Anastrozole,  which is an oral pill to be taken daily; the good news about this drug is that there are no major side effects.  Jane will discontinue the every other week IV chemotherapy treatments.  MD Anderson has  had some success with this drug in ovarian cancer patients and Jane's tumors appear to be exhibiting ovarian cancer type characteristics. Anastrozole works by lowering estrogen hormone levels to help shrink tumors and slow the tumors' growth.

While Monday's news was not great as Jane's cancer remains stubborn,  we do have a plan and remain hopeful.  Jane's spirits remain positive and upbeat.  Jane had a great Mother's Day yesterday as her own mother was in town for the weekend.  Also, Jane's two older boys came home from college on Sunday afternoon so Jane spent Sunday evening with her whole family (including her two LSU attendees and a Strake Jesuit sophomore).  We continue to be grateful for everyone's care and concern and the outpouring of prayers, rosaries and Masses.  

Update...{May 1, 2014}

On Monday April 28th, Jane was administered the chemotherapy drug "Gemzar" as planned at MD Anderson.  Jane did experience some of the expected side effects  such as flu like systems, nausea, etc., but overall she tolerated it fairly well.  Nonetheless, as the cancer tumors are still in tact,  Jane remains on a regular, daily regime of powerful pain medications to manage her daily pain levels so this is no walk in the park, as you might imagine.  Jane will take the next couple of weeks to, among other things, build up her white blood cell count and her general energy levels.
Many people ask us often "what can we do for Jane?".  Although Jane loves receiving  your sweet notes, flowers, food, quick visits when she is up to it, etc., we continue to rely on the power of your prayers, rosaries, Masses, etc. so please continue to pray for us.  May 1, 2014 will mark the start of the 31st month that Jane was diagnosed with a recurrent, metastasized adenocarcinoma and we know that we are not walking alone as we have so many family and friends walking right along with us. Thank you again for everything.