Update {November 16, 2012}

On Friday, November 16th, Jane's doctors noted that the battery of tests did not show any evidence  of cancerous tumors, although Jane's CA Antigen level, a cancer marker, was elevated.  Based on Jane's progress over the past 18 Cycles, the doctors recommended that Jane continue with the experimental drug, ABT 348, for two more cycles, which is an oral protein based pill.  The doctors also recommended that Jane stop taking the more traditional chemotherapy drug, docitaxel, for the time being.  The doctors suspect the docitaxel is causing most of the really bad side effects.  The doctors will continue to monitor Jane's cancer marker level.  Overall, this is really good news at this point. 

Based on the above assessment, Jane started Cycle 19 today with only the experimental drug.  The plan is then for Jane to take only the experimental drug again on December 7th which would be Cycle 20.  Afterwards, Jane will undergo another battery of tests on December 27th, at which time the doctors will again assess Jane's status.

Although we are not nearly out of the woods at this point, we are headed in the right direction and will keep pushing forward.  We are expecting Jane will have a total of six weeks to rebuild her energy and stamina during the next two cycles to address the side effects from the docitaxel.  We really appreciate the continued support and prayers from the many family and friends.  We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving as we all have many blessings to be thankful and grateful for during this time of the year!