September 29, 2014

Over the past year or so, Jane has been battling the accumulation of abdominal fluid that has caused significant abdominal pressure and pain from time to time.  Paracentesis is a procedure to remove fluid that has accumulated in the abdominal cavity (peritoneal fluid), a condition called ascites.  A common cause of ascites is cancer like Jane is suffering from at this time.  Jane has had the fluid drained over the past few months, but the fluid continues to reaccumulate.  Since there is the potential for continued reaccumulation of the fluid on a regular basis, Jane's MD Anderson doctors have installed a long term drainage catheter in her abdomen to allow Jane to drain the fluid daily at home.  So far, things are working great.  However, the general pain from Jane's cancer has continued to elevate so Jane's MD Anderson doctors have increased her pain medication levels to better manage the daily pain. 
Jane continues to maintain a positive outlook and hopeful spirit as we head into Fall weather.  It will be three full years at the end of October 2014 since Jane was diagnosed with  recurrent, metastasized adenocarcinoma of the uterine cervix.  Since that time, it has been kind of a roller-coaster, and we have requested many of you to pray to Don Alvaro de Portillo, the first Bishop of Opus Dei, who was recently beatified by the Roman Catholic Church, to intercede on Jane's behalf.  We ask that you continue to pray and remember Jane and her caregivers in your daily prayer intentions.  We remain grateful and are indebted to so many of our family and friends who have helped us and prayed for us along the way!