Update (January 27th)

Today, January 27, 2010, Jane started Cycle 5 with a combination of the experimental drug and the more traditional chemo.  Cycle 5 will last for 21 days.  So far, so good.  Jane's spirits are up and she is strong. Jane's sister, Annie, who lives  in England with her family, will be in Houston over the weekend for a few days to help out.

We want to thank everyone for their cards, flowers and prayers for Jane's father, Harland, who passed away last week.  The funeral was in Shreveport on Monday and one family friend remarked "he was a great Southern gentlemen" which is a fitting description.

After Cycle 5, Jane will have Cycle 6 to complete which involves another 21 day time period and then the doctors will perform another CT scan to assess the effectiveness of the treatments.  This CT scan will occur around mid-March 2012.

We want to thank everyone for all their continued rosaries, prayers, meals, car pool rides, errands and all the acts of kindness, big and small, to support us through this period. 


On January 10, 2012, Jane started Cycle 4 with the combination of traditional chemotherapy and the experimental drug.  After the first three cycles, we have figured out that the roughest days for the side effects are about day four through day seven after taking the medications.  Cycle 4 was the roughest side effect days so far, but Jane managed her way through it. We really appreciate the support of family and friends through this tough period.  Jane's sister, Ashley, flew to Houston from Cincinnati, Ohio to spend an extended weekend with her baby sister, Jane, which was awesome.

Sadly, we note that Jane's father, Harland Brasher Hundley, died in Shreveport, Louisiana today, Thursday, January 19th, around 4:00 am in the hospital.  Mr. Hundley had been in a long term assisted care facility for approximately two years after suffering from the side effects of a debilitating stroke that occurred in 2010.  Mr. Hundley was a devoted family man and loved his family very much.  We ask that everyone remember Mr. Hundley and the entire extended Hundley family in their thoughts and prayers. Mr. Hundley's funeral will be in Shreveport, Louisiana at St. John's Cathedral, on Monday, January 23rd in the morning; details yet to be finalized.

We continue to be overwhelmed by, and sincerely appreciate, the outpouring of sincere care and concern for Jane.  We are truly blessed to have such loving friends and family during this difficult time and are grateful for all of your prayers.

Continuing Rosaries for Jane

Please join us as we continue to gather to say the rosary for Jane on Monday nights and on Thursday afternoons.
On Monday nights at 8pm we will gather in St. Jude's Chapel at St. Vincent de Paul Church.
On Thursday afternoons at 2:30pm we will gather at St. Vincent de Paul in the Cry Room of the church. You may want to arrive a few minutes early so that we can start on time.
Also please remember that the larger parking lot (on Holcombe) is being utilized by all grade levels for carpool due to construction on Buffalo Speedway so car traffic may be an issue on Thursday afternoons. Parking in the Vanderbilt Square parking lot or in the neighborhood across Holcombe may be advised for easier "in-and-out" access.

Please tell others who may be interested as well. Thank you.

Update - January 10th

We received positive news today at MD Anderson.  The doctors compared Jane's CT scan dated October 14, 2011 with the CT scan dated January 10, 2012.  Based on this review, it appears that Jane's cancer is responding to the combination of the experimental drug, ABT 348, and the traditional chemotherapy.  The tumors are stable and not growing, which is the first step in beating it. 

Due to these results, Jane will stay on this experimental program and start Cycle 4 today.  There will be three 21 day cycles which will last until about mid-March 2012.  At the completion of Cycle 6, Jane will then be rescanned to assess the effectiveness of this plan. 

We continue to appreciate everyone's prayers, rosaries, Masses and tremendous assistance through this time period.  We are so grateful for the many family and friends providing support.

Update (January 5, 2012)

Jane had one more dosage of the experimental drug between Christmas Day and New Year's Eve.  Since then, she has been continuing to recover from the side effects and regain her energy level and strength.  Her white blood cell count had dipped below acceptable levels so she was given medicine to recharge her immune system which was successful.  It was sort of a roller coaster holiday season, but she is doing much, much better.

Jane's next big threshold date is Monday, January 9th, at which time Jane will undergo a battery of tests at M.D. Anderson including X-rays, CT scans, etc. to measure the effectiveness of Jane's treatment thus far.  On Tuesday, January 10th, the doctors will review the test results with Jane, and, depending on the results, will make recommendations on the path forward.

We are very grateful and thankful for the outpouring of prayers and support.  Viva Jane!