Update (December 25th)

Jane completed the third round of chemotherapy together with the new drug, ABT 348, on Tuesday December 20th. Jane's sister Annie and her mother were in town to provide love, encouragement and support.  Although Jane had a rough couple of days from the side effects, she is regaining her strength and energy level.

Jane has been overwhelmed by the offerings of prayers and support during the clinical trials that have extended into the Christmas season.  You have no idea how touched we are to have such a wonderful family and beautiful friends and love ones who are assisting us through this time. We really appreciate and are grateful for all of the rosaries, masses and prayers in support of Jane.

We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Update - December 19th

Since the last round of chemotherapy on December 9th, Jane has rebounded and her energy levels are returning back to a more normal state.  Additionally, her white blood cell count is back where it needs to be.

Jane's sister, Annie, from England will be in town for a few days and her mother will be in Houston as well for a couple of days before Christmas.

Jane is preparing for another round of chemotherapy with the standard protocol as well as the new experimental drug.  This will occur on Tuesday December 20th. 

We continue to appreciate all the many cards and prayers.

Update (December 9th)

Jane completed the second round of chemotherapy on Friday, December 2nd at MD Anderson which included a new experimental drug called ABT 348 in addition to the standard protocol.  ABT 348 comes in the form of a 50 mg pill and the theory behind ABT 348 is for it to, among other things, disrupt the cancer cells' growth cycle.  The side effects were kinda rough on Jane, but she pulled through towards the end of the week.

On Friday December 9th, Jane had the second dosage of only the ABT 348 pill.  The doctors are monitoring Jane's  white blood cell count so she will need to stay away from crowds, pets (Sparkie, the Abear's cat, is kinda sad nowadays) and folks with sniffles, colds, etc.

Jane continues to appreciate the many prayers and thoughts from all of you.