Update...{June 3, 2013}

After a nice approximately five week break of building up her strength and stamina, Jane started Cycle 1 of the new chemotherapy regime at MD Anderson today, Monday June 3rd.  Jane's new chemotherapy regime is comprised of a combination of two traditional drugs, cisplatin and topotecan, which are administered together intravenously every three weeks.  On the first day of each three week cycle, cisplatin & topotecan are given together and then on the second and third day, only topotecan is administered to Jane.  The first day is a long day, about nine hours at MD Anderson, and each of the next two days at MD Anderson are about two hours each.  After the first three days, Jane then does not return to MD Anderson until the beginning of a new cycle.

Both chemotherapy drugs have a number of side effects which will be monitored. The type and level of side effects are difficult to predict at this point as Jane has not had both drugs together before and side effects are often unique to each patient so it will take some time for Jane to fully understand the drugs' impact.  The doctors are, however, fairly confident they will be able to manage the side effects for Jane by various medications.

The doctors have recommended we start with 3 three week Cycles of this drug combination.  This initial regime will involve 3 three week cycles or nine weeks total and take Jane to early August, at which time the doctors will "restage" the cancer;  meaning MD Anderson will perform another round of tests including CT scan, EKG, etc. to asses the status of the cancer.  After reviewing these results, the doctors will then recommend a way forward for Jane.

Jane's spirits remain high and positive.  As summer is upon us, we want to thank everyone for your continued support and assistance and enjoy time with your family, friends and loved ones.  We are so grateful for the prayers, Rosaries and Masses!  Thank you again!