Update {December 28, 2012}

Since the last update on Nov. 16th,  Jane has completed two rounds of ABT 248, the experimental drug, only.  The side effects have been generally manageable. Jane's energy level and stamina are much improved.

On Thursday Dec. 27th, Jane completed a battery of tests including  a CT scan and Echo.  On Friday, Dec. 28th, the doctors recommended that Jane continue with Cycle 21 with only the ABT 248.  The disease is generally stable, in that it has not spread to other parts of the body.  This is good news.  The Dec. 27th test results, however, were not entirely clear as there is one area of concern so the doctors will review the results with a wider group of experts for more detailed study.  Jane will go back to MD Anderson on January 8th to further review the test results with her team of doctors to plot a path forward.  One of the big decisions is, based on the detailed test review, whether to put Jane back on the combination of the more traditional chemotherapy drug, docitaxel, and the experimental drug, ABT 248, or continue forward with only the ABT 248 drug. The doctors strongly suspect that the really bad side effects that Jane has suffered with have been caused by the docitaxel so our preference is to move forward with just the ABT 248 drug.  However, the doctor's decision must be balanced with making sure we have the appropriate drug protocol to fight Jane's cancer successfully.

It has been nearly 15 months since Jane was diagnosed with a recurrent metastasized adenocarcinoma.  Although it has been kind of a roller coaster at times, Jane's progress on the experimental clinical drug trial has been good. This is turning out to be a more protracted battle and we are up for it, especially with the prayers and support from our many family and friends. 

We hope everyone has spent time with their families during this Christmas season.  We are so grateful for the prayers and acts of kindness to support our family during Jane's cancer battle.  Jane's spirit is strong and positive,and we wish everyone a Happy New Year!