June 24, 2014

As a quick update for June 2014, Jane continues with the hormone therapy that the MD Anderson doctors prescribed and is taking a daily dosage of the drug Anastrozole.  Although the drug itself does not appear to be producing any major side effects, Jane continues to suffer from other side effects such as, among others, chronic pain, lymphedema and abdominal fluid retention.  The doctors are attempting to manage the side effects with medication, to the extent possible. 

Jane stays as active as feasible under the circumstances and remains positive and hopeful.  With summer upon us, Jane's two boys from LSU are in Houston and working summer jobs.  So Jane's home is full with all of her three sons this summer.  We remain indebted and grateful to the many family and friends who continue to brighten up Jane's day with acts of kindness and prayers, Rosaries and Masses.