Update {January 8, 2013}

Jane met with her doctors today, Tuesday January 8, 2013 to review the more detailed assessment of the CT scan results.  As there was no clear evidence of the cancer spreading, the doctors deemed the results "inconclusive"; therefore Jane's condition did not warrant more aggressive measures.  The doctors cautioned that there is an "area of concern" in her abdomen but there are limitations to the tests' diagnostic capabilities and they will monitor this area over the course of time.  Based on the results, the doctors recommended that we "stay the course" and stick with only the ABT 348 experimental drug for the next month.  Jane, at this point, does not have to go back on the chemotherapy drug, docitaxel, which has the really bad side effects.

This is really good news as Jane will have another month taking only the ABT 348 and this will allow Jane time to build up her strength and stamina.  Jane goes back to MD Anderson for another round of tests at the end of February 2013.

We hope you all had a great Feast of the Epiphany this past Sunday.  We continue to be sustained by your prayers and kind thoughts as they are working so please keep them coming.  We are truly grateful for everyone's support and assistance over the past fifteen months.