Update...{December 17, 2013}

On Monday, December 16, 2013, Jane met with her doctors at MD Anderson and they administered another cycle of the drug Avastin.  Jane has been able to manage most of the drug's side effects fairly well and maintains a decent energy level and great attitude.  Although it is clear that the recurrent, metastasized cancer detected over two years ago is still around, Jane continues to stay in fairly good shape, all things considered.  The plan forward is to have another cycle of Avastin and then "restage" the disease some time in January, 2014.

As two out of three of Jane's boys are home from college, Jane will be blessed with all three of her boys home for the Christmas season.  We want to take this opportunity to wish each one of you a very holy and merry Christmas season.  You have no idea how your many acts of kindness and generosity, prayers, Rosaries, and Masses have sustained us over the past two years while fighting cancer.  We are ever so grateful and thankful for many family and friends who have helped us along the way.  You are in our thoughts and prayers, and we hope you are able to spend quality time with your families and loved ones during this special time of the year to focus on the true meaning of Christmas!