Update {December 28, 2012}

Since the last update on Nov. 16th,  Jane has completed two rounds of ABT 248, the experimental drug, only.  The side effects have been generally manageable. Jane's energy level and stamina are much improved.

On Thursday Dec. 27th, Jane completed a battery of tests including  a CT scan and Echo.  On Friday, Dec. 28th, the doctors recommended that Jane continue with Cycle 21 with only the ABT 248.  The disease is generally stable, in that it has not spread to other parts of the body.  This is good news.  The Dec. 27th test results, however, were not entirely clear as there is one area of concern so the doctors will review the results with a wider group of experts for more detailed study.  Jane will go back to MD Anderson on January 8th to further review the test results with her team of doctors to plot a path forward.  One of the big decisions is, based on the detailed test review, whether to put Jane back on the combination of the more traditional chemotherapy drug, docitaxel, and the experimental drug, ABT 248, or continue forward with only the ABT 248 drug. The doctors strongly suspect that the really bad side effects that Jane has suffered with have been caused by the docitaxel so our preference is to move forward with just the ABT 248 drug.  However, the doctor's decision must be balanced with making sure we have the appropriate drug protocol to fight Jane's cancer successfully.

It has been nearly 15 months since Jane was diagnosed with a recurrent metastasized adenocarcinoma.  Although it has been kind of a roller coaster at times, Jane's progress on the experimental clinical drug trial has been good. This is turning out to be a more protracted battle and we are up for it, especially with the prayers and support from our many family and friends. 

We hope everyone has spent time with their families during this Christmas season.  We are so grateful for the prayers and acts of kindness to support our family during Jane's cancer battle.  Jane's spirit is strong and positive,and we wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Update {November 16, 2012}

On Friday, November 16th, Jane's doctors noted that the battery of tests did not show any evidence  of cancerous tumors, although Jane's CA Antigen level, a cancer marker, was elevated.  Based on Jane's progress over the past 18 Cycles, the doctors recommended that Jane continue with the experimental drug, ABT 348, for two more cycles, which is an oral protein based pill.  The doctors also recommended that Jane stop taking the more traditional chemotherapy drug, docitaxel, for the time being.  The doctors suspect the docitaxel is causing most of the really bad side effects.  The doctors will continue to monitor Jane's cancer marker level.  Overall, this is really good news at this point. 

Based on the above assessment, Jane started Cycle 19 today with only the experimental drug.  The plan is then for Jane to take only the experimental drug again on December 7th which would be Cycle 20.  Afterwards, Jane will undergo another battery of tests on December 27th, at which time the doctors will again assess Jane's status.

Although we are not nearly out of the woods at this point, we are headed in the right direction and will keep pushing forward.  We are expecting Jane will have a total of six weeks to rebuild her energy and stamina during the next two cycles to address the side effects from the docitaxel.  We really appreciate the continued support and prayers from the many family and friends.  We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving as we all have many blessings to be thankful and grateful for during this time of the year!

Update {October 29, 2012}

On Friday, October 26th, Jane started Cycle 18 of the experimental clinical drug trials treatment program. The "medi-port", installed prior to Cycle 17, worked great and this medical device allows Jane to participate in the clinical drug trials without the need for multiple IVs, blood draws, etc. Jane is on schedule to be "restaged" on Nov. 15th, at which time the doctors will review the results of the CT scan and other diagnostic tests to assess the drugs' effectiveness and then plot a path forward.

It has been over a year since Jane was diagnosed with a recurrent, metastasized adenocarcinoma.  Since that time, Jane has been under the care of an incredible team of doctors, nurses and support staff at the MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston, Texas.  We are so appreciative of the world class medical care and the overwhelming outpouring of support and love from family and friends.  You have no idea how blessed we are to have you praying for us every day, thank you so much!

Update {October 5, 2012}

Jane started Cycle 17 today, October 5th, at MD Anderson with the combination of the experimental drug and the traditional chemotherapy.  Jane's veins are worn out from all the blood draws, IVs, etc. over the past year. To help Jane to continue to handle further treatments, the doctors installed a "medi-port" earlier this week.  The new "medi-port" worked great during Cycle 17.  Going forward, the doctors plan to have another round of chemo on October 26th (Cycle 18) and then perform another round of diagnostic tests on Nov. 15th.  The doctors will then plot a path forward depending on the outcome of the test results.

Jane's spirits are very positive as she takes great comfort from all the prayers, rosaries, Masses and support from the wonderful family and friends.  A group gets together every Monday night at 8 pm at the St. Vincent DePaul Catholic Church Adoration Chapel to pray the rosary for Jane.  Thanks so much to everyone for their continued outpouring of assistance, support and love during this time. 

Update {September 17, 2012}

Jane completed the CT scans and other diagnostic testing on Thursday, September 13th. 
Although the scans did not reveal evidence of any tumors, the doctors did highlight two
areas of concern in her lower extremities on the CT scans.  With these two areas of concern 
and the presence of cancer cells from the previous pathology tests, the doctors
recommended at least two more cancer treatment cycles.  Accordingly, Jane started
Cycle 16 on Friday, September 14th at MD Anderson with the combination of the
experimental drug and the traditional chemotherapy.

Since mid-October 2011 when Jane was originally diagnosed with a recurrent, metastasized
cervical andenocarcinoma, Jane has made tremendous progress and, although we are not
out of the woods yet, Jane's cancer has responded well to the experimental treatment protocol.
It has been a kind of bumpy roller coaster ride during this cancer fight, but as we are in
 unchartered territory from a medical science point of view, it is expected to be so. 
Nonetheless, Jane's spirits have remained high, thanks in large part to the support and love
of so many family and friends.  You have no idea how important your prayers, words of
encouragement and general support have been over the past eleven months!

Many of Jane's friends and family have offered prayers to the venerable Bishop Alvaro Del
Portillo (1914 - 1994, who succeeded St. Josemaria Escriva as the head of Opus Dei)
seeking his intercession in Jane's cause.  To learn more about Bishop Alvaro, go to this link:


We continue to appreciate the outpouring of prayers, rosaries and Masses.  We know
we are all praying hard for Jane and we are grateful  for such generous prayers. 

Update...September 4, 2012

We have now received the pathology results from Jane’s OBGYN exam which was performed last week. The results were positive for the presence of cancer cells. While there are no signs of tumors, we now have to address these remaining cancer cells which are present at the original site of the cancer from ten years ago.  Jane started Cycle 15 of the chemotherapy/experimental drug regime on August 27TH, and the MD Anderson doctors will make a recommendation on the path forward when we meet with them in mid-September. Jane is scheduled to undergo a series of tests on September 13TH that include CT scan, EKG, Echo, etc.
While we did not anticipate this latest news, we are happy about the great progress over the past ten months in fighting this cancer. At this point, we probably have more questions than we have answers, and Jane is holding up as best she can with the side effects.  We are very appreciative of your continued support. Your prayers have helped us fight this cancer! Once again, we ask you to continue your wonderful efforts!

Update - August 27, 2012

Jane started Cycle 15 on Tuesday August 21st at MD Anderson with the experimental drug and the traditional chemotherapy.  On Monday August 27th, Jane met with her OBGYN oncologist who could not detect any evidence of the disease after a physical exam - Great News!  We are now waiting on the formal results of today's OBGYN test.  On September 13th, Jane is now scheduled to undergo a series of tests including CT scan, EKG, etc. to assess the present stage of Jane's cancer; if you recall, the last CT scan showed no measurable evidence of Jane's cancer!  Depending on the results of the Sept. 13th tests, Jane's doctors will make a recommendation on, among other options, whether to continue the full treatments, scale back the treatment protocol or take a "chemo break.". So far for this cycle, Jane is handling the 15th treatment fairly well, although the side effects remain persistent.

There is no doubt that the power of prayer has guided us along this journey and we are so grateful to so many family and friends with their outpouring of love, support and guidance.  Each of you remain in our sincere prayers of thanksgiving. 

Update (August 9, 2012)

Jane started Cycle 14 on Tuesday August 7th at MD Anderson with the experimental drug and the traditional chemotherapy. Jane's spirits are positive but she continues to experience the side effects from the drug regime.  We will have at least one more cycle on August 24th and then MDA will perform a series of tests including  CT scans to assess Jane's position.  At that point, the doctors will recommend a path forward.

We continue to be humbled and overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and prayers by family and friends.  We know that we would not be in this position but for your prayers, rosaries, Masses and love and for that, we will be eternally grateful.

Continuing Rosaries

Please join us as we continue gathering to say the rosary for Jane on Monday nights at 8pm, at St Vincent's in the adoration chapel, which is temporarily located in a little room in the Msgr Jamail Parish Family Center off the Buffalo Speedway parking lot.  Once you enter the glass doors of the building look for the room to the right marked "adoration chapel".


Jane received stunning news today!  The doctor at MD Anderson said that Jane's July 12th scan showed no sign of tumors in her abdominal region and that the "stranding" in the pelvic region is possibly due to radiation Jane received 10 years ago. Dr. Hong described her situation as unique and stated that miracles apparently do happen since he didn't see any signs of the disease. The doctor suggested 2-3 more rounds of chemo and the experimental drug (starting today), followed by another round of scans. At that time, they will re-evaluate the best next steps for her treatment and care.

We are profoundly grateful and humbled that God has blessed Jane with His healing. We are also deeply appreciative of our dear family and friends who have supported Jane and her family over the past nine months. Your love and support have made a meaningful difference and have helped the Heberts not only survive, but thrive!

Update (June 22, 2012)

Jane started Cycle 12 today with the normal dose of the experimental drug ABT 348 and the more traditional chemotherapy drug, docetaxel.  The most difficult side effect thus far to manage has been a case of lymphedema in Jane's legs and lower extremities that causes Jane's legs to retain water and swell up. It is not only pretty painful but adversely effects her mobility. She maintains a positive outlook and is going to rehab and occupational therapy regularly to help in this area.

At the end of Cycle 12, about July 12th, the doctors will perform another series of diagnostic tests to measure the results of the drug's effectiveness.  After reviewing the results, the doctors will recommend a path forward. 

We continue to be grateful to everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers.  Our family and friends from all over manage to say and do the right things to help us along the way.  Hope everyone is having a terrific summer.  God bless.


Jane completed Cycle 10 on Thursday May 31, 2012 and started Cycle 11 on Friday June 1, 2012. The side effects during the last two weeks of Cycle 10 have been pretty rough on Jane and through it all she has kept up her spirits.  To partially offset the full impact of the side effects to provide Jane with additional recovery time,  the doctors have delayed  the traditional chemotherapy drug, docetaxel, which they suspect is causing most of the challenges.  Thus far for Cycle 11, Jane is taking only the experimental drug, ABT 348, and Jane is starting to feel a lot better.  The doctors will assess how Jane is doing in the next couple of weeks to plot a path forward. In the meantime, Jane has started physical therapy three days a week to regain her strength and mobility.

Jane and her family really appreciate the continued prayers and support from family and friends.  As school ends and the summer season kicks into high gear, we hope everyone has a great summer.

Update...May 11, 2012

On Thursday May 10th, Jane spent all day at the MD Anderson Cancer Hospital and went through a battery of tests including EKG, CT scan, etc. Jane's doctors today noted that the tumors in her abdomen area are responding to the experimental drugs and reflected additional shrinkage from the last measurement date!  This is really good news and a very positive step forward.  So today, Jane starts the Cycle 10 regime.  She will then undergo Cycle 11 and 12 and, at the end of Cycle 12, she will undergo a similar testing regime to assess the drug's effectiveness. The end of Cycle 12 should be some time in mid-July 2012.

Jane and her husband (together with two of Jane's three sisters) just returned on Wednesday, May 9th from a week long pilgrimage to Lourdes sponsored by the Order of Malta. Jane received a blessing from Cardinal Wuerl of the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. and  attended many beautiful Masses in historic churches and a very special Mass at the Lourdes Grotto.  Jane and her companions also bathed in the special Lourdes healing waters at the Grotto.  The Knights and Dames of Malta from the Houston area who sponsored Jane and her party were perfect hosts and made everyone feel right at home.  They were kind, giving, and generous in their care and concern for all the pilgrims.  Jane and her family left all of the petitions of friends and family at the Grotto and also prayed for everyone.

We continue to appreciate all the assistance, support, and prayers from all the family and friends.  Never underestimate the power of prayer!

Pilgrimage to Lourdes

Jane and her husband together with her two older sisters have landed safely in Lourdes, France to start a six day pilgrimage sponsored by the Knights of Malta. They will be attending daily Mass and praying for everyone.  Please keep Jane and her family in your prayers during this week long pilgrimage.

Update (April 19, 2012)

Jane completed Cycle 8 and started Cycle 9 today, Thursday, April 19th, of the experimental clinical drug trial.  Jane and the team of doctors and support staff at M D Anderson have been able to manage as many of the side effects as possible to a more or less manageable level.  M D Anderson is truly an impressive institution with some of the best medical care in the world.

Jane maintains a positive attitude with good energy levels and has been able to attend daily Mass on a regular basis.  Jane's doctors have cleared her to undertake a pilgrimage to Lourdes, France from May 2nd to May 9th with her husband and two sisters.  Upon Jane's return around the May 10th or 11th timeframe, the doctors will again perform a battery of tests to assess the drugs' effectiveness, and, depending on the test results, the medical team will outline a path forward.

Again, we cannot begin to thank all of you for the incredible generosity and acts of support through the past six months.  Yes, it has been a long road but we have been blessed by wonderful family and friends who are rocks of support and love.  We are humbled by the countless prayers, rosaries, and Masses and are very grateful for your continued care and concern.

Update (March 31)

Jane completed Cycle 7 on Thursday, March 29th, and on Friday, March 30th, started Cycle 8 of the experimental clinical drug trials at MD Anderson.  Jane has been able to manage her way through most of the side effects with some success.  Each cycle lasts 21 days.  Jane's energy level and stamina typically wanes in the first week after the start of a cycle and gradually increases over the course of the next two weeks.  Jane will start Cycle 9 on or about April 20th.  At the end of Cycle 9 (or about May 11th), Jane will undergo another battery of tests to measure the effectiveness of the drugs and then, depending on the results, the doctors will plot a path forward.

Jane's doctors have cleared her to travel to Lourdes, France on a Knights of Malta sponsored pilgrimage from May 2nd to May 9th of this year.  Lourdes is a small market town lying in the foothills of the Pyrennes mountains in southwest France, famous for the Marian apparitions of Our Lady of Lourdes which occurred in 1858 to Bernadette Soubirous, a 14 year old local miller's daughter.  
Following the reports that Our Lady of Lourdes had appeared to Bernadette Soubirous  on a total of eighteen occasions, Lourdes has developed into a major place of Roman Catholic pilgrimage and of miraculous healings.   Bernadette has since been canonized and is now known as Saint Bernadette of Lourdes.  Jane, together with her husband and two sisters, look forward to the Lourdes pilgrimage in early May and will include everyone in their prayers on the pilgrimage.

Many thanks and prayers to everyone supporting Jane and her family through the past seven cycles.   We sincerely appreciate the continued care, concern and prayers from all the family and friends. 

Continuing Rosaries

For many of you with school aged children this week is spring break from school.  We will continue to gather as before on Monday night and Thursday afternoon to say the rosary for Jane. We hope that you can join us on Monday, March 12th, as we pray in thanksgiving for the good report that Jane received last week.

Update (March 9)

Jane has completed Cycle 6 of the clinical drug trials today, which we started in October 2011.  The test results show that the tumors in the abdomen area appear to be responding to the new drugs as their is a slight reduction in their size and the remaining tumors are stable, that is they are not growing.

As a result, Jane has been cleared for three more cycles of the experimental drug trials which is great, positive news.  Cycles 7, 8 & 9 will each last 21 days and take us to about mid-June 2012.  At that time, Jane will undergo another battery of tests at MD Anderson to measure the effectiveness of the experimental drug protocol.

Jane feels great, with minimal side effects and her energy level is high.

We have many family and friends to thank for helping us so much through this process.  And the prayers, Masses and rosaries and support have been very humbling and very much appreciated.  We know that this will be a long journey and we know we cannot walk it alone.  Thanks to everyone for helping us.

Update (February 27)

Jane had a great check up last week at MD Anderson and she feels much, much better since her hospital stay.  She is completing Cycle 6 of the experimental clinical drug trials. With Jane’s energy levels returning closer to more normal levels, Jane has been able to get out of the house but she is still susceptible to infection.   In Texas, we all like to give and receive hugs, but for Jane, the least amount of physical contact the better at this point.

Jane’s next milestone is Thursday, March 8th, at which time Jane will undergo a barrage of tests including a CT scan.  The CT scan and the other tests will measure the effectiveness of the experimental drugs and then the doctors will determine the path forward, depending on the tests results.

As this has been a long journey, we continue to appreciate all of the prayers and support from family and friends and cannot thank you enough.

Rosaries during Lent

We have been praying the Rosary twice a week for Jane, Monday night at 8pm in St Jude Chapel at Saint Vincent de Paul and Thursday afternoon in the church or cry room at 2:30pm, and many have joined us throughout the last few months.

Since it is almost Lent, when many of us are considering an additional commitment of prayer, I thought of asking you again to consider joining us. 

It takes less than 15 minutes to pray the Rosary. The prayers of the Rosary, which come from the Scripture, are very helpful when we are praying for an intention that is close to our heart. When our minds are filled with a thousand anxious thoughts, the words of Scripture in the prayer help us to focus on God and His blessings.

If you are not familiar with the prayers, I have handouts that I bring every time so you can follow along (or you can print out your own from this link http://rosaryarmy.newevangelizers.com/prayers/.
There is also helpful information about why we pray the rosary and copies of the prayers for a scriptural rosary on this page:  http://rosaryarmy.newevangelizers.com/prayers/why-catholics-pray-the-rosary/). 
We pray the Joyous Mysteries on Monday and the Luminous on Thursday.
Please forward this info on to anyone else who knows Jane and who may be willing and interested in coming to pray with us.

Update (February 16)

Jane was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday, February 14 th - Happy Valentine's Day and is now resting at home.  Jane's fever and other related side effects have subsided and she feels great in general.  Although we hope to know about the test results from the bronchoscopy in a few days in terms of what type of infection (viral, bacteria,etc.) to better focus the treatment, the results may also be inconclusive.  It apparently is fairly common during the course of Phase 1 clinical drug trials to have atypical fevers and side effects from not easily detectable origins.

During Jane's five day hospital stay, Jane's in-laws, Rolie and Lana from big Breaux Bridge, La., came to Houston to help out with the boys.  Jane should start Cycle 6 of the Phase 1 clinical trials in the next few days.  Please keep praying for Jane.

Update (February 12th)

After Cycle 5, Jane has had a persistent fever and other side effects that have been pretty stubborn.  To get a better handle on the fever's source, Jane was admitted to the hospital for better round the clock care. The doctors will perform a broncoscopy to obtain soft tissue samples from the lungs on Monday February 13th in an attempt to determine the fever's source and better able to provide more focused care.

Due to her condition and susceptibility to infection, Jane needs to be in the hospital without visitors. We hope and trust everyone understands as we do not expect this hospital stay to be too long.

Thanks again for all the prayers and support. 

Update (Feb. 9th)

Cycle 5 has been the roughest cycle so far in terms of the severity of the side effects.  Jane continues to fight hard and take strength from all the prayers and support from loving family and friends.

We continue to rely on the MD Anderson supportive care to manage through the various side effects.  Jane's sister-in-law and brother-in-law, Kara & Mitch, from Baton Rouge, La. visited Houston and  Jane's older sister, Jeanie from Shreveport, La., also spent some time with Jane which really cheered Jane up.

Please keep the wonderful prayers, masses and rosaries coming as they provide comfort and support during the rough times.

Update (January 27th)

Today, January 27, 2010, Jane started Cycle 5 with a combination of the experimental drug and the more traditional chemo.  Cycle 5 will last for 21 days.  So far, so good.  Jane's spirits are up and she is strong. Jane's sister, Annie, who lives  in England with her family, will be in Houston over the weekend for a few days to help out.

We want to thank everyone for their cards, flowers and prayers for Jane's father, Harland, who passed away last week.  The funeral was in Shreveport on Monday and one family friend remarked "he was a great Southern gentlemen" which is a fitting description.

After Cycle 5, Jane will have Cycle 6 to complete which involves another 21 day time period and then the doctors will perform another CT scan to assess the effectiveness of the treatments.  This CT scan will occur around mid-March 2012.

We want to thank everyone for all their continued rosaries, prayers, meals, car pool rides, errands and all the acts of kindness, big and small, to support us through this period. 


On January 10, 2012, Jane started Cycle 4 with the combination of traditional chemotherapy and the experimental drug.  After the first three cycles, we have figured out that the roughest days for the side effects are about day four through day seven after taking the medications.  Cycle 4 was the roughest side effect days so far, but Jane managed her way through it. We really appreciate the support of family and friends through this tough period.  Jane's sister, Ashley, flew to Houston from Cincinnati, Ohio to spend an extended weekend with her baby sister, Jane, which was awesome.

Sadly, we note that Jane's father, Harland Brasher Hundley, died in Shreveport, Louisiana today, Thursday, January 19th, around 4:00 am in the hospital.  Mr. Hundley had been in a long term assisted care facility for approximately two years after suffering from the side effects of a debilitating stroke that occurred in 2010.  Mr. Hundley was a devoted family man and loved his family very much.  We ask that everyone remember Mr. Hundley and the entire extended Hundley family in their thoughts and prayers. Mr. Hundley's funeral will be in Shreveport, Louisiana at St. John's Cathedral, on Monday, January 23rd in the morning; details yet to be finalized.

We continue to be overwhelmed by, and sincerely appreciate, the outpouring of sincere care and concern for Jane.  We are truly blessed to have such loving friends and family during this difficult time and are grateful for all of your prayers.

Continuing Rosaries for Jane

Please join us as we continue to gather to say the rosary for Jane on Monday nights and on Thursday afternoons.
On Monday nights at 8pm we will gather in St. Jude's Chapel at St. Vincent de Paul Church.
On Thursday afternoons at 2:30pm we will gather at St. Vincent de Paul in the Cry Room of the church. You may want to arrive a few minutes early so that we can start on time.
Also please remember that the larger parking lot (on Holcombe) is being utilized by all grade levels for carpool due to construction on Buffalo Speedway so car traffic may be an issue on Thursday afternoons. Parking in the Vanderbilt Square parking lot or in the neighborhood across Holcombe may be advised for easier "in-and-out" access.

Please tell others who may be interested as well. Thank you.

Update - January 10th

We received positive news today at MD Anderson.  The doctors compared Jane's CT scan dated October 14, 2011 with the CT scan dated January 10, 2012.  Based on this review, it appears that Jane's cancer is responding to the combination of the experimental drug, ABT 348, and the traditional chemotherapy.  The tumors are stable and not growing, which is the first step in beating it. 

Due to these results, Jane will stay on this experimental program and start Cycle 4 today.  There will be three 21 day cycles which will last until about mid-March 2012.  At the completion of Cycle 6, Jane will then be rescanned to assess the effectiveness of this plan. 

We continue to appreciate everyone's prayers, rosaries, Masses and tremendous assistance through this time period.  We are so grateful for the many family and friends providing support.

Update (January 5, 2012)

Jane had one more dosage of the experimental drug between Christmas Day and New Year's Eve.  Since then, she has been continuing to recover from the side effects and regain her energy level and strength.  Her white blood cell count had dipped below acceptable levels so she was given medicine to recharge her immune system which was successful.  It was sort of a roller coaster holiday season, but she is doing much, much better.

Jane's next big threshold date is Monday, January 9th, at which time Jane will undergo a battery of tests at M.D. Anderson including X-rays, CT scans, etc. to measure the effectiveness of Jane's treatment thus far.  On Tuesday, January 10th, the doctors will review the test results with Jane, and, depending on the results, will make recommendations on the path forward.

We are very grateful and thankful for the outpouring of prayers and support.  Viva Jane!