Update...{April 13, 2013}

Jane met with her team of doctors at MD Anderson yesterday, Friday April 12th.  Jane then started Cycle 26 on the experimental chemotherapy drug, ABT 348.  With the combination of drugs prescribed by her doctors, Jane has been able to address the various side effects caused by the experimental chemotherapy.  Her energy levels are good with a positive attitude.  Jane continues to attend rehabilitation therapy twice a week at MD Anderson to improve her mobility.  In three weeks, May 2nd and May 3rd, Jane will undergo another battery of tests in order for the doctors to "restage" the status of the cancer.  After reviewing the results of these tests, the doctors will again recommend a way forward for Jane.  Until then, Jane will enjoy the Spring weather in Houston!

We are amazed by the continued level of support, prayers and assistance provided by family, friends and loved ones after 26 three week Cycles (546 days by the way).  We are so grateful for so much unconditional love and as you pray for us, we pray for you.