Update...{March 26, 2013}

Jane met with her doctors from MD Anderson on Friday March 22nd. As an update, Jane continues to suffer from various side effects as a result of the ABT 348 drug including, among others, high blood pressure and migraine type headaches.  As many of you know, the ABT 348 is a protein based form of chemotherapy. In response, the doctors are prescribing medicines and they continue to fine tune the combination of drugs in an attempt to best manage those side effects.  After the doctor's examination, Jane started Cycle 25 on the ABT 348 experimental drug as it appears that Jane's cancer continues to respond to the experimental drug. Yes, we are on CYCLE 25!

Jane really has been a warrior through this process and we have relied on our faith to sustain us through these many cycles.  We remain grateful for the countless prayers, rosaries and support from so many of you.  Thank you again so much!

Changes to Schedule for Rosary

As you may know we have been praying the Rosary for Jane on Monday nights at 8pm in St Jude Chapel at Saint Vincent de Paul. We are thankful to so many who have joined us throughout the last few months.

Please note that tonight's rosary has been canceled. We encourage each of you to pray tonight wherever you are until we can get together again. We have so much to be thankful for, in Jane's health as well as so many other blessings.

Beginning next week on Monday night at 7pm we will gather together to pray in the church, in the St Jude alcove, rather than in the adoration chapel at SVDP at 8pm as we have done in the past.

Update...{March 1, 2013}

Jane met with her team of doctors today, Friday March 1st, at MD Anderson to review the results of yesterday's tests. The tests reveal that Jane's disease is basically stable, as it has not spread and not actively growing.  So Jane will remain on the experimental drug, ABT 348, only as this drug appears to be "controlling" the cancer at this point.  As a result of this progress, Jane will not go back on the traditional chemotherapy drug, docitaxel, with the really bad side effects.  This is really, really good progress and great news for Jane.

On the side effects front, Jane still suffers from elevated blood pressure and "migraine" type headaches.  Last week Jane was in the hospital for two and a half days to address the high blood pressure and headaches. The doctors are attempting to manage these side effects through a combination of medications.  Jane has been a strong trooper through the cycles and maintains a great attitude.

Jane starts Cycle 24 today!  Jane will go through three twenty-one day cycles of taking the ABT 348,  which should bring us to Cycle 26 in early May 2013.  At that point, Jane will be "restaged" and the doctors will then assess the test results at that time to determine the path forward.  Until then, Jane will have nine good weeks to continue to build up her energy levels and strength to battle this cancer. The doctors told us that with this type of recurrent, metastasized cancer and Jane's response thus far that we should be prepared to start to view this as more of a chronic condition for Jane and learning to live with cancer.

We are so thankful and grateful for all the support and prayers and continue to be humbled by so much help from so many different people.  It is very comforting to know that we are not fighting alone and we have this wonderful army of support.   Thank you so much!