April 26, 2015

We will continue to meet to say the rosary on Monday nights at 7 pm at Saint Vincent de Paul Church in the St Jude alcove. Please spread the word to others who may want to continue to pray for Jane's family, as well as the many intentions Jane would want us to remember.

April 18, 2015

My name is Quinn Hebert and many of you have likely figured out that I have been posting on the  blog, "Candles For Jane", to keep you updated on Jane's progress in her cancer battle. 

This will be my last post on this blog as it is my sad duty to report that my lovely wife Jane died last night (Sat. April 18th) at the tender age of 47 in my arms at our home at approximately 1 am after a long, difficult cancer battle.  Jane was a private person and we attempted to honor her wishes to die at home with dignity and grace. In one of our last meaningful conversations on Tuesday night, April 14th she told me "I am not scared" and "if the Lord will have me, I am ready."  During times of immeasurable sorrow such as this, Jane would want us to place our trust in Jesus and rely on our faith to get us through this difficult time.  Just as Jesus did, Jane offered up her enormous pain and suffering for all of us.  I am confident that Jane is in heaven now and she will now be able to see the face of the Lord and be able to intercede for us. 

I especially want to take this opportunity to thank so many family members and friends who helped us over the past 42 plus months with your love and support and countless prayers, rosaries, Masses and meals.    You have no idea how touched we are by the outpouring of support and assistance.  I also want thank the incredible doctors and staff at MD Anderson Cancer Hospital, in particular the teams led by Dr. Diane Bodurka, who was Jane' primary care OBGYN Oncologist,  Dr. David Hong, in charge of Jane's two major clinical trials programs and Dr. Eduardo Bruera, in charge of Jane's support and palliative care, and also the expert care rendered by Houston Hospice the past few weeks. 

There will likely be many tears shed for sweet Jane and we will certainly miss her here on earth as it is only natural, for we are human.  But please know that Jane had a mighty faith and she is in a safe place, no longer suffering and continuing to do God's work.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.  Funeral arrangements and details will follow once they are finalized.

March 22, 2015

Jane was discharged from the hospital on Sunday, March 22, 2015 and is resting at home.    After a relatively long unexpected hospital stay, Jane's M D Anderson doctors have transitioned Jane's daily health care to Houston Hospice.  A hospice nurse will now attend to Jane's needs and care on an as needed basis.  All of Jane's boys were with her this weekend and the family is strong and supportive.  Jane remains as positive and cheerful as one can be under the circumstances.

We really appreciate everyone's prayers, rosaries, and tremendous support during this time.    You have no idea how touched we are as a family and we remain grateful for your thoughtfulness.  Please know that we pray for each of you too.

March 15, 2015

On Friday March 13th, Jane was admitted to M D Anderson Hospital to battle a partial bowel obstruction.  If you recall, Jane had a similar type bowel obstruction in late December 2014 and it resolved itself over time.  This more recent partial obstruction, however, appears to be stubborn and causing significant abdominal pain, nausea, infection, etc. notwithstanding the best efforts of the medical care team.  On Monday March 16th, Jane will continue to receive a combination of pain meds & antibiotics and undergo a couple of hospital procedures in an attempt to relieve some of the abdominal pressure that is likely a contributing factor to the partial bowel obstruction.  Jane will most likely remain in the hospital for a few days and then we will know our path forward.  Please continue to pray for Jane, a successful outcome and speedy recovery.

Due to the nature of the hospital stay, we are requesting that Jane's family and friends respect her privacy and visit Jane at home when she is up to a more social, productive visit as she needs to stay focused on fighting hard.  We are so touched by all of the prayers, support and notes as it helps get us through the more difficult parts of the day.

February 16, 2015

The months of January and February 2015 have been gradually more difficult months for Jane.  On the cancer front, the latest CT scan reflects that the cancer has spread to Jane's liver and lungs.  This is unfortunately the natural progression of the disease and the doctors are monitoring the situation.  On the pain management front, Jane has continued to experience increased levels of constant pain and discomfort.  The doctors have switched Jane's primary pain medication and increased the dosage to offer some relief.  Jane continues to battle fluid build up in her legs and abdomen areas.  Jane's M. D. Anderson doctors continue to monitor the situation and attempt to manage the side effects of pain and fluid build up as best as possible under the circumstances.

Jane was able to visit with family and friends over the holiday season.  Jane continues to attend daily Mass and pray for everyone.  Jane maintains a positive attitude and cheerful outlook through everything.  We are forever grateful and thankful for all your prayers, support and help over the past few months.  Many thanks again.

Update...{December 29, 2014}

Jane was discharged from M D Anderson hospital this afternoon, Monday December 29th as Jane has been able to tolerate a liquids diet without significant pain.  Jane has been sent home with antibiotics to combat infection, pain meds to manage her pain levels and a restricted diet.  Jane's doctors will monitor how Jane progresses over the next few days.  Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support as we are very grateful for our family and friends.  Have a Happy New Year and enjoy the remainder  of the Christmas season.