Update...{September 5, 2013}

Jane completed the procedure at MD Anderson to relieve pressure on her right kidney and she came thought it without any complications.  She spent the night at the hospital to be monitored and returned home on Thursday September 5th.  The doctors present plan is to start Jane on a new chemotherapy drug called Avastin on Friday Sept. 6th.  The theory behind this drug is to slow the growth of new blood vessels that allow the cancer tumor to grow.  This drug is not expected to have any major negative side effects for Jane.

We want to thank everyone for their continued prayers and support as we feel them.

Update...{September 1, 2013}

After further evaluation, the doctors believe there is a tumor pressing against Jane's kidney, colon and ureter.  This tumor is significant enough that it is interrupting the proper functioning of Jane's kidneys.  The doctors want to attempt to stabilize Jane's kidney functions so she can continue to take chemotherapy drugs to fight the cancer.  The procedure on Jane's right kidney is scheduled for Wednesday September 4th.  Once the doctors assess the procedure's results, the doctors expect to continue with a new chemotherapy drug. 

We express our continued thankfulness and gratitude to everyone for their support, concern and prayers.