February 16, 2015

The months of January and February 2015 have been gradually more difficult months for Jane.  On the cancer front, the latest CT scan reflects that the cancer has spread to Jane's liver and lungs.  This is unfortunately the natural progression of the disease and the doctors are monitoring the situation.  On the pain management front, Jane has continued to experience increased levels of constant pain and discomfort.  The doctors have switched Jane's primary pain medication and increased the dosage to offer some relief.  Jane continues to battle fluid build up in her legs and abdomen areas.  Jane's M. D. Anderson doctors continue to monitor the situation and attempt to manage the side effects of pain and fluid build up as best as possible under the circumstances.

Jane was able to visit with family and friends over the holiday season.  Jane continues to attend daily Mass and pray for everyone.  Jane maintains a positive attitude and cheerful outlook through everything.  We are forever grateful and thankful for all your prayers, support and help over the past few months.  Many thanks again.

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