Update (June 22, 2012)

Jane started Cycle 12 today with the normal dose of the experimental drug ABT 348 and the more traditional chemotherapy drug, docetaxel.  The most difficult side effect thus far to manage has been a case of lymphedema in Jane's legs and lower extremities that causes Jane's legs to retain water and swell up. It is not only pretty painful but adversely effects her mobility. She maintains a positive outlook and is going to rehab and occupational therapy regularly to help in this area.

At the end of Cycle 12, about July 12th, the doctors will perform another series of diagnostic tests to measure the results of the drug's effectiveness.  After reviewing the results, the doctors will recommend a path forward. 

We continue to be grateful to everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers.  Our family and friends from all over manage to say and do the right things to help us along the way.  Hope everyone is having a terrific summer.  God bless.


Jane completed Cycle 10 on Thursday May 31, 2012 and started Cycle 11 on Friday June 1, 2012. The side effects during the last two weeks of Cycle 10 have been pretty rough on Jane and through it all she has kept up her spirits.  To partially offset the full impact of the side effects to provide Jane with additional recovery time,  the doctors have delayed  the traditional chemotherapy drug, docetaxel, which they suspect is causing most of the challenges.  Thus far for Cycle 11, Jane is taking only the experimental drug, ABT 348, and Jane is starting to feel a lot better.  The doctors will assess how Jane is doing in the next couple of weeks to plot a path forward. In the meantime, Jane has started physical therapy three days a week to regain her strength and mobility.

Jane and her family really appreciate the continued prayers and support from family and friends.  As school ends and the summer season kicks into high gear, we hope everyone has a great summer.