Update...{February 17, 2014}

On Monday, February 17th, Jane went through another cycle of the drug Avastin at M. D. Anderson Hospital.  The plan now is for Jane to undergo a number of tests at M. D. Anderson in about three weeks (around March 7th) to "restage" her cancer.  Once Jane's doctors review the tests' results, they will then recommend a path forward for Jane.

Although Jane is handling this illness as best as possible under the circumstances, she has had to take increased levels of daily pain medications to manage the general abdominal pain levels caused by the cancer.  Jane remains, however, very positive and fairly energetic, all things considered.  We continue to be overwhelmed by all of your prayers, support, rosaries, hugs, etc. as many of you have helped us in big and small ways.  We are eternally grateful for all your efforts and we are praying for you too.

Update...{February 12, 2014}

Since our last post on January 28th, the timing of Jane's testing plans have changed slightly. Jane is now scheduled to have another round of the drug Avastin on Monday February 17th.  Jane will then go back to MD Anderson around March 7th to have a series of tests performed to "restage" her cancer and then, on Monday March 10th, the doctors will recommend a plan forward based on the test results.

Thanks again for all the prayers and support as we feel them.