Update...{July 22, 2014}

     Jane met with her doctors at M D Anderson on Monday July 21st for a regularly scheduled check up.  The doctors are monitoring the progress of the hormone therapy that Jane is presently taking and so far so good.  The cancer tumors are still there but Jane is holding her own.  Jane will remain on the hormone therapy for the foreseeable future.  Although Jane continues to suffer from multiple side effects as a result of the cumulative effect of the various treatments since October 2011, Jane continues to fight and defy the odds.  Jane remains fairly mobile and is able to attend daily Mass and interact with family and friends.  Jane's house has been full with all three sons home for the summer and it will be a little less active when two of her sons return to LSU in Mid-August.
     We continue to be grateful for everyone's support and assistance through this long battle.  You have all been very generous with your time and prayers and we continue to pray for all of you in our daily prayers.