Update...{May 18, 2013}

On Thursday May 16th, Jane's doctors successfully inserted a stent in Jane's left ureter to alleviate the urinary tract blockage.  The operation was under a general anesthesia, and Jane came through it like a champ.  The urology doctors were satisfied with the results and will see Jane on a follow up basis in three months. Jane's pain level is manageable, and we are very thankful for the medical care she received.

Going forward, as the status of Jane's cancer has disqualified her from the clinical drug trial she has been on for the past 18 months, Jane will take a short break to attend to the details surrounding her son's high school graduation from Strake Jesuit College Prep in Houston, Texas.  Afterwards, Jane will likely start a new chemotherapy regime this summer consisting of a combination of a couple of traditional chemotherapy drugs.  Jane's doctors believe this is the best course of action at this point. 

We want to again thank everyone for so much support and prayers.  We really could not have arrived at this point alone so many thanks again!

Update...{May 12, 2013}

Jane met with her team of doctors on Friday, May 10th at MD Anderson.  Based on the team of doctors' interpretation of the most recent test results, Jane's doctors have concluded that Jane will need to come off the present clinical drug trial as there is new, convincing evidence that it appears that the cancer is growing in a new area, around her right kidney, and not responding effectively to the clinical drug.  Although this is disappointing, the ABT 348 clinical drug trial did, in fact, eliminate the disease in Jane's abdomen where it had spread to from her pelvic area which is very positive. 

Additionally, it looks like there is some blockage in the two ureters, which are thin tubes made up of muscle fibers, that connect the kidneys to the bladder and are part of the urinary tract system.  This blockage is most likely caused by a combination of the side effects from the radiation treatments from twelve years ago, side effects from the most current chemotherapy drugs and the metastasized, adenocarcinoma cancer.  To alleviate and treat the blockage, the doctors use a ureteral stent which is basically a very small, approx. 12 inch long plastic tube inserted inside the ureter to keep it from blocking up.  The doctors were able to place a ureteral stent in the right ureter through an out patient procedure yesterday which was positive, although it was pretty painful for Jane.  Further, it looks like Jane will have to be placed under a more general anesthesia to attempt to place a ureteral stent in the left ureter as the left ureter has more complicated blockage.  This procedure most likely needs to be performed before Jane heads to the next step as the next set of drugs also potentially have negative side effects on kidney functions.  Jane's team of doctors want to make sure that they have done all they can to care for Jane's kidneys and urinary tract system as they need to be as strong as possible to be handle the side effects from the new drugs.

Once the doctors are satisfied with Jane's situation with her kidneys, Jane will go onto a new regime of a combination of chemotherapy drugs.  We are hoping to start this new regime in the next week or so.  Since October 2011, we always knew that this was going to be a long and winding journey and we must persevere and carry on.  Jane is strong with a positive attitude and has come to rely on so many of you for support and inspiration. We sincerely appreciate that so many of our family and friends are walking together with us on this  road.  We continue to be very grateful for your prayers and support as we feel them and need them.  

Update...{May 6, 2013}

Jane met with her team of doctors today, Friday May 3rd, at MD Anderson to review the results of her most recent tests.  The CT scan showed new evidence around Jane's right kidney, which may or may not be a recurrence of the disease, and Jane's cancer marker levels were elevated.  Jane's doctors will review her case with a wider team and make a recommendation to us in the next week or so. Unfortunately, Jane will have to come off the present clinical trial if it appears the disease is recurrent in this new area of Jane's body. Jane's doctors have identified another clinical trial that it looks like Jane will be eligible to enroll in if we have to go that route. Jane's doctors have also recommended that Jane see a urologist to have her kidneys checked out just to be safe.

Our doctors have cautioned us not to get too high or too low over the course of this treatment as there would be good days and there would be more difficult days.  We have to stay steady on course as we are on Cycle 27, after having started at MD Anderson in October 2011.  We sincerely appreciate all the continued prayers, support and assistance. Thank you so much.