Update...{August 25, 2013}

After updating the blog on Friday, we talked further with Jane's team of M D Anderson doctors who are deeply concerned about the state of Jane's kidneys. A review of the test results indicate the right kidney is functioning well below what the doctors expected. Both kidneys need to be functioning well for Jane to proceed to the next round of chemotherapy.  The doctors want to perform an operation in the next week or so to improve both kidneys' functions. Therefore, the chemotherapy session scheduled for this weekend has been postponed until after the operation is performed. 
We are still processing this unexpected turn of events and want everyone to know we appreciate their concern and prayers. Jane has a strong fighting spirit, and we will get through the next step of this journey.  We will let you know when Jane's operation is scheduled.  

Update...{August 23, 2013}

The M. D. Anderson test results show that Jane's disease is generally unchanged compared to the test results from two and a half months ago, which is good news.  We'd obviously prefer for the disease to be totally gone, but the first step is to stop it from growing and keep fighting the good fight.  As such, Jane starts Cycle 4 of the chemotherapy program tomorrow where she will take three chemotherapy doses on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and then off for three weeks to recover from the side effects and then undergo a re-dosing of the drugs. The doctors continue to monitor the chemotherapy drugs' side effects on Jane's urinary tract where she has had two new stints recently installed.

Although Jane's spirits and outlook remain positive, she still takes daily pain medications to regulate her pain levels and other medications to address other side effects from the disease.  We continue to be amazed at the level of professional care from the entire M. D. Anderson organization. We also want to thank everyone for their incredible support and help.  We know we are not walking alone as we feel the prayers, Masses and rosaries every day.

Update...{August 8, 2013}

Jane completed Cycle 3 of of the combination of the cisplatin and topotecan chemotherapy on Monday July 29th (sorry for the late post) at M D Anderson.  The side effects from this cycle were not nearly as bad as from Cycle 1 although Jane is, frankly, still suffering.  Jane's spirits and outlook, however, remain bright and positive.  As the type, and degree, of the side effects vary from patient to patient just as each cancer is unique to each individual, Jane and her team of doctors are doing a better job of attempting to stay ahead of the potential side effects and managing them via medications.  There are many variables that are being addressed  and Jane is receiving first rate patient care at MD Anderson.  On Friday, August 23rd, Jane will go to M D Anderson to be "restaged" at which time she will undergo a battery of tests to assess the status of the disease and then the doctors will recommend a way forward.  We ask that you pray for good results.

Additionally, we sincerely appreciate all the prayers and assistance over the past 21 months during this long journey.  We know we are not alone and we have come to rely on your kindness and help.