Update...{July 1, 2013}

Jane completed Cycle 2 this past weekend at M D Anderson with the combination of the cisplatin and topotecan chemotherapy drugs.  Jane got off to a slow start on Cycle 2 as her white blood cell count was too low initially so she was put on a drug regime to increase her white blood cell count which delayed the start of Cycle 2 by a few days.  Low white blood cell count is a fairly common side effect and the doctors will continue to monitor Jane's situation.  

The side effects from Cycle 1 were pretty rough on Jane as this was the first time Jane received this drug combination.  Jane managed through it, she feels a lot better at this point and we should be in a better position to handle Cycle 2.  Jane will start Cycle 3 in three weeks or about July 19th.  We continue to be very thankful and grateful for all the prayers, rosaries, Masses and help & support over the past 20 months.