Update {September 17, 2012}

Jane completed the CT scans and other diagnostic testing on Thursday, September 13th. 
Although the scans did not reveal evidence of any tumors, the doctors did highlight two
areas of concern in her lower extremities on the CT scans.  With these two areas of concern 
and the presence of cancer cells from the previous pathology tests, the doctors
recommended at least two more cancer treatment cycles.  Accordingly, Jane started
Cycle 16 on Friday, September 14th at MD Anderson with the combination of the
experimental drug and the traditional chemotherapy.

Since mid-October 2011 when Jane was originally diagnosed with a recurrent, metastasized
cervical andenocarcinoma, Jane has made tremendous progress and, although we are not
out of the woods yet, Jane's cancer has responded well to the experimental treatment protocol.
It has been a kind of bumpy roller coaster ride during this cancer fight, but as we are in
 unchartered territory from a medical science point of view, it is expected to be so. 
Nonetheless, Jane's spirits have remained high, thanks in large part to the support and love
of so many family and friends.  You have no idea how important your prayers, words of
encouragement and general support have been over the past eleven months!

Many of Jane's friends and family have offered prayers to the venerable Bishop Alvaro Del
Portillo (1914 - 1994, who succeeded St. Josemaria Escriva as the head of Opus Dei)
seeking his intercession in Jane's cause.  To learn more about Bishop Alvaro, go to this link:


We continue to appreciate the outpouring of prayers, rosaries and Masses.  We know
we are all praying hard for Jane and we are grateful  for such generous prayers. 

Update...September 4, 2012

We have now received the pathology results from Jane’s OBGYN exam which was performed last week. The results were positive for the presence of cancer cells. While there are no signs of tumors, we now have to address these remaining cancer cells which are present at the original site of the cancer from ten years ago.  Jane started Cycle 15 of the chemotherapy/experimental drug regime on August 27TH, and the MD Anderson doctors will make a recommendation on the path forward when we meet with them in mid-September. Jane is scheduled to undergo a series of tests on September 13TH that include CT scan, EKG, Echo, etc.
While we did not anticipate this latest news, we are happy about the great progress over the past ten months in fighting this cancer. At this point, we probably have more questions than we have answers, and Jane is holding up as best she can with the side effects.  We are very appreciative of your continued support. Your prayers have helped us fight this cancer! Once again, we ask you to continue your wonderful efforts!