Update {October 29, 2012}

On Friday, October 26th, Jane started Cycle 18 of the experimental clinical drug trials treatment program. The "medi-port", installed prior to Cycle 17, worked great and this medical device allows Jane to participate in the clinical drug trials without the need for multiple IVs, blood draws, etc. Jane is on schedule to be "restaged" on Nov. 15th, at which time the doctors will review the results of the CT scan and other diagnostic tests to assess the drugs' effectiveness and then plot a path forward.

It has been over a year since Jane was diagnosed with a recurrent, metastasized adenocarcinoma.  Since that time, Jane has been under the care of an incredible team of doctors, nurses and support staff at the MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston, Texas.  We are so appreciative of the world class medical care and the overwhelming outpouring of support and love from family and friends.  You have no idea how blessed we are to have you praying for us every day, thank you so much!

Update {October 5, 2012}

Jane started Cycle 17 today, October 5th, at MD Anderson with the combination of the experimental drug and the traditional chemotherapy.  Jane's veins are worn out from all the blood draws, IVs, etc. over the past year. To help Jane to continue to handle further treatments, the doctors installed a "medi-port" earlier this week.  The new "medi-port" worked great during Cycle 17.  Going forward, the doctors plan to have another round of chemo on October 26th (Cycle 18) and then perform another round of diagnostic tests on Nov. 15th.  The doctors will then plot a path forward depending on the outcome of the test results.

Jane's spirits are very positive as she takes great comfort from all the prayers, rosaries, Masses and support from the wonderful family and friends.  A group gets together every Monday night at 8 pm at the St. Vincent DePaul Catholic Church Adoration Chapel to pray the rosary for Jane.  Thanks so much to everyone for their continued outpouring of assistance, support and love during this time.